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Automation and robotics technology not only increase efficiency in any organization. Automation solutions are crucial for creating increased flow, improved quality of life, strengthened innovation, and more sustainable development.

With significant specialist experience in solving complex production and logistics challenges through advanced robotics and automation technology, Adding Robotics provides strategic automation consultancy to private and public organizations.


Always with the customer at the center

We are on one side only, always yours. Our extensive expertise and experience-based knowledge of the best in cutting-edge technology create benefits. Let us advise you in finding the right automation solution that makes you more competitive and secures you a more technologically advanced foundation.

Adding Robotics' experience, dedication, customer focus, and innovation lead you safely and efficiently through all stages of automation projects.


Here you can draw on our experiences and know-how:

  • We assist in preparing your business case calculations, so you get a thorough assessment of profitability and ROI.

  • Technical equipment investments. We can manage project leadership at all stages: from idea to implementation.

  • Draw on us if you want sparring for specifications and tender documents.

  • We can assist with bid evaluation, and we provide advice when choosing the right suppliers.

  • Ensure everything is as desired: we are happy to contribute in the concept and development phase, FAT & SAT tests, commissioning and startup, and subsequent support.

  • We offer training in operation, maintenance, and management of lines and cells.

  • If you need to decommission existing equipment and start up new? Let us assist you.

  • We can help you with plant adjustments, updates, and relocations in Europe.


Thus, our strategic consultancy on automation solutions ensures that your automation projects get off to a good start and safely reach their goals.

We ensure you clear benefits

At Adding Robotics, we create concrete, tangible, and long-term benefits for our customers:

  • We ensure that repetitive, one-sided, and burdensome manual functions are automated.

  • We contribute to better utilization of valuable and scarce resources and to the minimization of waste.

  • We ensure time is freed up for more value-creating tasks.

  • We contribute to greater employee satisfaction.

  • We help ensure stable processes and uniform quality.

  • We pave the way for increased efficiency and a stronger market position.


Do you want to derive greater value from your next automation project? Contact Adding Robotics for strategic sparring in clear language and with clear recommendations that put you at the center.

This enables you to make the right and most profitable automation decisions. It’s consultancy that quickly pays off.


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