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To work smarter, not harder, it's crucial to understand how things are currently done and how they can be done better.

Process analyses provide the necessary insights to make informed decisions about where changes should be made to improve workflows, increase productivity, and reduce stress and overtime.

It is an ongoing process, as organizations and their environments change, and it requires commitment and managerial support to achieve continuous improvements.

For both public and private organizations, Adding Robotics performs process analyses that identify bottlenecks and spotlight inefficient procedures. This ensures smoother and more efficient processes – regardless of industry or sector.


"Work smarter not harder"

Adding Robotics' experienced process experts are dedicated, accustomed to optimizing work processes, and sharp at minimizing waste of resources.


  • We are the confidential sparring partner who analyzes and optimizes workflows, delivering clear suggestions for process improvements.

  • Adding Robotics process consultant acts as a business partner, sparring partner, and trusted advisor.

For process or workflow challenges, the process consultant can be called upon to perform a process review: what is the challenge, why, what are the desires for solutions, suggestions for solution design, as well as help with a solution and subsequent implementation support and benefit realization.

With our clear and operational recommendations, you achieve a more efficient, transparent, and structured organization with increased efficiency and quality in all processes.

Clear benefits for you

  • Identification of inefficient steps: Adding Robotics helps you identify steps in a process that do not add value or are perhaps even unnecessary. By eliminating or rationalizing these steps, you can reduce wasted time and resource usage.

  • High and uniform quality: We map your work processes, so you reduce errors and optimize flow. This achieves a higher and more consistent quality in your products, processes, and procedures.

  • Better resource allocation: By analyzing work processes with Adding Robotics, you can identify bottlenecks and more easily deal with backlogs and handle peaks. This gives you the ability to better allocate resources, deciding where and when your resources should be prioritized to maximize your organization's efficiency.

  • Automation and technology implementation: Adding Robotics process analyses shine a light on areas where the right technology and automation can improve your efficiency. By identifying manual tasks that can be replaced by automatic processes, you can more easily reduce the extent of repetitive and wearing work.

  • Targeted education and training: Through our sparring, you identify your competence needs. This ensures you an overview and makes it easier for you to strengthen your employees' competencies and efficiency.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Adding Robotics process analyses help you understand why customers may be frustrated or dissatisfied with your services or products. Through our process analyses, you can improve efforts and thus increase your customer satisfaction.

  • Spread best practices: With Adding Robotics process analyses, you can identify what works well in your organization, making it easier to transfer best practices to other areas.

  • Strengthen collaboration: Analysis of cross-functional processes clarifies where your collaboration and communication can be improved. This can help break down silos and improve efficiency across your organization.


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