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The increasing interest and widespread application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are rapidly evolving, and it is a central part of Adding Robotics' business services.

Artificial intelligence is the key to success in robotics and automation across industries, as machines and robots can mimic human thinking and behavior.


Our four services

Vores kompetencer og fokusområder spænder bredt, og forretningsmodellen forbinder fire grundlæggende ydelser. De fire ydelser kan både stå alene og samtidig være gensidigt understøttende.


Our competencies and focus areas are broad, and the business model connects four fundamental services. These four services can stand alone and at the same time be mutually supportive.

  • Assessment of AI/ML relevance for you: We help you determine whether it is relevant to incorporate AI and ML into your processes.

  • Calculation of savings potential: If implementing AI or ML is relevant, it is crucial to understand what you aim to achieve. Success stories show that AI/ML can lead to significant savings. However, this requires clear communication and understanding of the objectives. Let Adding Robotics assist you.

  • Concretization of AI/ML benefits: If you already have a clear idea of how you want to use your data, such as in predictive maintenance, process optimization, wear reduction, or quality control, it is easier to assess the feasibility of the project. We can help you specify the specific benefits.

  • Assistance with the implementation of AI/ML: With experience from several AI/ML projects, we can assist in implementing the technologies that best solve your specific problems.

With Adding Robotics as your partner, you can expect not just strategic guidance. You also get an active sparring partner that will help realize your potential within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We look forward to being with you on the journey towards a technological future that creates value and sustainable development.


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