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Experts in Robotics – Improving the Food and Beverage Industry

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Adding Robotics is highly experienced in offering advises solving complex production and logistics challenges for a wide range of food and beverage companies producing and handling cheese, fish, jams, cookies, candy, chips, and dairy products.


We are experts in robotics, AI and flow analyses and we have a firm understanding of how to solve challenges related to production, logistics, or laboratories.


We have been highly involved in every phase from idea and design to the development and implementation of a variety of automation projects: e.g. projects with compact and userfriendly cobots, larger industrial robots and advanced special machines eminent for handling and packing food and beverage products.

Know how to increase flow

Due to our first-hand insight of how to combat multiple types of challenges related to every step of a modern food and beverage production, we have a firm understanding of how essential stability, flow, volume, and high quality are.


Adding Robotics provide improvement in both quality and quantity to our clients, and during the years we have effectively contributed optimizing production and enhancing profitability in both Danish and international food and beverage manufacturing companies.

Efficient and innovative solutions

The Adding Robotics team has been giving advice regarding considerations related to both production plant expansion as well as regarding reorganization of production and logistic processes within the frameworks of the existing production plant.

  • For the dairy industry, we have developed a range of innovative and stable end-of-line solutions, advanced machines, and peripheral equipment e.g. streamlining the handling and palletizing of dairy products. Due to our effort flow has increased, more optimal processes had been introduced, and downtime minimized. 

  • We have furthermore been involved in projects where the implementation of innovative automation solutions ensured gentler, more delicate, and more efficient packing of cookies, fish, and candy. Our scalable solutions have thus resulted in faster ROI and reduced waste. 

  • We have been responsible for developing space-optimizing automation solutions which efficiently handle food and beverage products with heavy payload in busy production environments where space is limited. The innovative solutions enhanced productivity, improved working environment, and ensured better utilization of the production equipment.


100% independence

Adding Robotics offer 0 robots, but 100% independent advice and we solely focus on how to solve our clients’ various challenges.


Combining the best technologies on the market with our extensive operational knowledge from the food and beverage sector, we provide qualified advice ensuring the proper scalable, modular and flexible robotic solutions required to free up scarce resources, increase value, relieve strain and minimize waste.


Feel free to contact Adding Robotics if you would like deep robotics expertise helping you navigate in choosing and implementing the automation solution optimal for your organization.


  • Compact solutions that save space

  • Gentle handling of all types of food

  • Strengthened working environment

  • Consistent quality

  • Rapid return of investment

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